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Since being founded in 1957 with the name SoonCheonDang, Binex has been committed to providing sustainable solutions to the healthcare challenges in Korea. Continuous innovation has been central in our efforts to solve the challenges in the industry, and we will strive to become a world-wide company through our continuous efforts.
After recognizing a paradigm shift toward biological drugs, we embarked on a new program to develop immune cell therapies targeting cancers. At present, we are undertaking phase two clinical trials in Korea, with notable achievements.
Another milestone was achieved in 2009 when Binex undertook the management control of Korea Biotechnology commercialization Center (KBCC) from Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
KBCC, equipped with cGMP facilities, was built in 2007 with investment of US$100mln. By providing outsourcing solution for new drug developing biotechnology firms, KBCC enables us to establish working relationship with future major players in the industry.
Although this effort has been limited to Korea so far, we plan to expand this relationship on a world-wide basis in the near future.
As the outsourcing solution for the Korea's biotechnology sector, Binex will leverage our position to become a global biotechnology leader.