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Binex Corporation is the enterprise focused on research which has invested over 8% of annual sales into R&D as the representative pharmaceutical firm of Busan area during the pas half century. We have concentrated our investment and efforts to secure the technology on the biotechnology for next generation instead of simple manufacturing of generic medical supplies in accordance with our management philosophy stating that the core of pharmaceutical firm in 21st century is to secure technological competitiveness through R&D, and consequently, we became the enterprise owning self-developed new drug, which is rare cases as domestic pharmaceutical firm, by obtaining clinical permission of cancer cell immunotherapy 'DC-Vac/EP-L injection' targeted at lung cancer and that of cytotherapy 'DC-Vac/IR injection' targed at colorectal cancer, together with the first completion of biological GMP facility in Korea in 2003.
The efforts of Binex R&D center for the research and development of new drugs are under progress targeted at the commercialization of various themes such as tissue regeneration project using stem cell, development of DNA chip and that of cancer cell immunotherapy using tumor specific epitopes, development of probiotics spawn, development of therapy for diabetes complication using natural substance, development of vaccine for environment-friendly high-tech recombinant fish disease, research on cancer genomics, etc. as well as new concept cancer cell immunotherapy. Besides, not limited to the simple R&D center attached to the firm, our R&D center is making progress of the various research projects through industrial-educational-research organizational cooperation as center of regional BT industry, and it is performing various tasks faithfully through active participation into the government-supported projects for developing new drugs by MOHW(Ministry of Health and Welfare), MOCIE(Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy), etc. As R&D center with superior human resources and creative thinking, we will do our best to compose of on axis for the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry through securing technology o the biotechnology for next generations.